G R A P H I C  D E S I G N


02. User Persona.png

This project was about coming up with an idea for a festival and creating a user persona, landing page, confirmation email, and companion app for it. The user persona portion of the project shows the target audience for the festival.

02. Landing Page.png

My festival is a magic festival called Incantation of Illusion where aspiring magicians can improve their skills, learn new tricks, and participate in a talent show. The landing page gives people the option to purchase tickets as well as access other information.

02. Email300.png

After purchasing a ticket, the attendee will receive a conformation email that provides the ticket and a list of special perks.

The companion app for the festival is a game that focuses on training up a rabbit to battle against other players. At the festival, the attendees can teach their rabbits the tricks they have learned from the different booths. This video is a simulation of the training section of the game. (This video contains sound!)